Tennis Racket Restringing
Tennis racket restringing

The list below represents just a selection of strings (and those I find are most commonly used in my experience) - if you want a quote for a particular string, call me on 07855 107578 or 01785 607797.

If you bring the racket to me and collect it yourself, the prices below include restringing - what you see is what you pay. Some people seem to think that is just the cost of the string and still have to pay extra for the restringing . . . no - that's the total price.

While-you-wait service
  • I can do a restring while you wait sometimes (depending on workload). 
  • There is a small extra charge (£5) for this (I have to stop what I'm doing and you get pushed up the list ... bit like going private). 
  • How long does it take? Some rackets take longer than others, but expect to be hanging around for 40 mins. There's a retail park nearby, or you can sit and watch me perform miracles on your racket . . . it's up to you. 
  • If you want a while-you-wait restring, you need to contact me and arrange a time (07855 107578).
Already have string
  • If you already have a set of string you want me to use, the cost for me to restring the racket is £10.
Have a look at our string selection below (there is more information about strings and tensions here, if you are interested).

Titan Pro Spin synthetic gut
Pro Spin 1.40     £15
Great for ball control and spin generation. The ultra rough texture comes from the 3 outer thick fibres resulting in maximum "bite" in every shot. Recommended for spin / control players who also require a durable string. An excellent synthetic gut.

Pro Fibre Tennis string
Pro Fibre 1.35     £16
Premium ultra high performance string for players looking for gutlike performance (elasticity, shock absorption, power and control) without emptying your bank balance by paying for natural gut.

Titan Extreme durable poly tennis string
Titan Extreme 1.20     £12
Ultra durable monofilament string with a softer feel (than many other poly strings) that is ideal for aggressive tennis players and frequent string breakers. If you haven't tried a poly in your racket, this is a good, inexpensive one to try first.

Titan Pro Tour tennis string
Titan Pro Tour 1.35     £12
A standard performance string that offers good durability and overall playability for all standards. You don't want to spend too much, but want a decent fibre string . . . this is it.

Babolat RPM Blast
RPM Blast 1.25 or 1.30     £19
Probably the most asked-for string by club players. An ultra-responsive co-poly designed to give big hitters incredible spin and control.  Used by Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. 
Comes in black.

Babolat RPM Team
RPM Team 1.25     £18
Even though there's no such thing as a "soft" poly, RPM Team is noticeably "softer" in feel than RPM Blast and otherwise much the same with great spin and power. The reviews suggest it is great at getting consistently good depth at lower swing speeds.

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour
Pro Hurricane Tour 1.30     £17
Firm, crisp feel that's big on control. The string has an octagonal profile designed to produce increased ball bite and spin.

Babolat Excel
Excel 1.30     £20
Excellent performance string and durable. Crisp and powerful.

Babolat Hybrid
Hybrid RPM Blast & VS 1.30     £27
Babolat RPM Blast in the mains and VS in the crosses . . . phew!!

Babolat SpiralTek
SG SpiralTel 1.30     £14
A solid core string constructed from a durable polyamide core which is wrapped with ultra flexible filaments. This gives players a combination of comfort, power, durability and spin. 

Babolat VS Touch Natural Gut
VS Touch 1.30     £35
The original natural gut . . . the ultimate in playability . . . the ultimate in price too!

My Hybrid
My Hybrid      £20
My recommended hybrid - mains with Luxilon Alu Power; crosses with Gamma Livewire

Luxilon Original
Luxilon Original 1.30     £19
Luxilon's most successful string. It's the string for string-killers! Excellent power, control and resilience. If you are a string breaker - this is the one for you.

Luxilon Alu Power
Luxilon AluPower 1.23     £20
Great durability and power. Used by many of the top players.

Wilson Sensation
Wilson Sensation 1.30     £16
A very popular multifilament string. If you tend to hit the ball fairly flat (i.e. you don't look for lots of spin), this is a good, comfortable string. Its been around for quite a long time . . . always a good sign.

Wilson K Gut
Wilson [K] Gut     £20
Premium multifilament string for aggressive hitters - power, control and comfort rolled into one.

Wilson Natural Gut
Wilson Natural Gut 1.30     £36
High quality natural gut . . . at a high quality price!!
Pros: Tension maintenance is outstanding, providing a much longer playing life. If you are looking to get the ultimate from your racket, then natural gut string is the way to go. Powerful and great feel . . . and good on the arm too.
Cons: Jeez ... look at the price!

Head Rip Control
Head Rip Control 1.30     £17
Thin composite string, combining copolymer (nylon) fibers and polyolefin ribbons. The result is impressive dampening and durability. Thinner gauge provides good ball bite and feel. Comes in white or natural.

Head Lynx
Head Lynx  1.25 or 1.30     £17
This is one of Head's new co-polymer strings ... lively touch and good control. Comes out well in reviews. Available in black or luminous yellow.

Head Intellitour
Head Intellitour 1.30     £18
This is a hybrid - the mains are Rip Tour (1.30mm) with a slightly textured surface. The crosses are Rip Feel (1.30mm). A really good power hybrid providing great power and control. 

Gamma Livewire
Gamma Livewire 1.32     £20
This is a really good multifilament string with good durability. Great feel, control and comfort ... and still durable. A great combination. A really good cross string in a hybrid with a poly in the mains. It absorbs shock well.

Dunlop Black Widow
Dunlop Black Widow 1.31     £16
Looking for plenty of top spin? Then this is the string for you. Monofilament polyester with a hexagonal outer for extra spin. Black and mean . . . and such a great name for a string.

Apollo Extreme Twist
Apollo Extreme Twist 1.43     £14
A great string for chronic string breakers - and for rackets with open string patterns. It has a twisted surface giving more bite on the ball. I was restringing a coach's racket two or three times a week - it was costing him a fortune - and paying off my mortgage. I tried this in his racket - he loves it, I hardly see him now . . . I'm not so keen obviously.

Prince Synthetic Gut
Prince Synthetic Gut 1.30     £14
A good all-round string. Durable, but still with a soft feel. Synthetic guts are not as popular as they used to be - mainly because of the introduction of poly strings. But they are still very good 'in betweeners'.

Prince Premier Control
Prince Premier Control     £16
Great multifilament feel with good tension retension.

Tecnifibre Pro Red Code
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 1.30     £16
Tecnifibre strings have a very good reputation. This string (a poly) is said to be ideal for the player seeking durability, control and spin. Offers a crisp and clean feel at impact, ideal for the player with a fast and aggressive stroke style.

Signum Pro
Signum Pro
Signum Pro Plasma 1.28     £16
This is a great choice for aggressive players seeking a durable string that offers enough control to allow for high swing speeds. Its co-polyester construction makes it more comfortable and is pretty good at holding tension. Bright orange.
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