Racketball Racket Restringing
Racketball racket restringing

The list below represents just a selection of strings (and those I find are most commonly used in my experience) - if you want a quote for a particular string, call me on 07855 107578 or 01785 607797.

If you bring the racket to me and collect it yourself, the prices below are the prices you pay.

How to get your racket restrung 
  • You can either deliver your racket for restringing yourself (it's cheaper) . . . or send it.
  • Look at the string types for your racket (see below). If you are not sure about what string you want, or what tension is best for you - I am happy to chat to you.
  • I will have your racket ready for next day collection (except when I'm away on holiday, of course).
Have a look at our string selection below (there is more information about strings and tensions here, if you are interested).

Titan Pro Spin
Titan Pro Spin (1.40mm)     £14
Great for ball control. The ultra rough texture gives maximum "bite" in every shot. Recommended for control players who also require a durable string. An excellent synthetic gut. If in doubt about which string to use, I would recommend you go with this.

Titan Pro Fibre
Pro Fibre  (1.35mm)    £15
My most popular restring for racketball. Premium ultra-high performance string for players looking for gutlike performance (elasticity, shock absorption, power and control) without emptying your bank balance by paying for natural gut.

Pro Fibre
Pro Fibre S  (1.25mm)    £15
A new quality multifilament in the Titan range of strings. A lovely soft feel with explosive power. Pro Fibre S was trialled by a couple of professional players and they loved it. Stringers love it as do players ... this really is hard to beat ... every bit as good as Tecnifibre, but not at a stupid price! 

If you haven't used a multifilament string before, or are unsure what to use, believe me ... you could not choose a better string.

Prince Lightning
Prince Lightning XX (1.25mm or 1.30mm)      £15
This features a new Powerfoil braid for additional response off the stringbed for players seeking a bit more 'pop'. The Powerfoil band serves two purposes - act as a microspring for extra power at impact; and as a barrier to friction burning to increase durability. Designed for players that like a crisp feeling string, but want a bit of additional power. Lightning XX has a monofilament core with outerwraps in addition to the Powerfoil braid. Feels like a classic synthetic gut while giving more response and power.

Prince Synthetic Gut
Prince Synthetic Gut (1.25mm)      £14
A good all-round string. Durable, but still with a soft feel.

Tecnifibre 305
Tecnifibre 305 (1.30mm)      £18
Probably one of the most popular strings on the market. Mimics natural gut and elastic properties give power, absorbs shock well. On the expensive side in my opinion.

Head Mega Blast
Head Mega Blast (1.25mm)         £14
Multifilament centre core with co-polymer braided multifilament wraps. Slightly textured. Carbon co-polymer coating. This combination produces a highly elastic 'snap-back' string that delivers a lot of power. The coating provides added durability and less string movement.

Ashaway Super Nick XL
Ashaway Super Nick XL (1.25mm)          £15
Multifibre string used by many of the big guns. It has a rough texture and grips the ball well. For many years this was THE string ... and remains a favourite for many people.

Ashaway Super Kill
Ashaway Super Kill XL (1.25mm)        £17
A combination of a multifilament core and double braided nylon polymers. Good tension stability, ball control and durability. 

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