String my racket

Broken string
I've bust a string!!! I need a racket stringer urgently  . . .

Relax . . .  get a professional stringer to sort it out for you. I am a UKRSA (UK Racket Stringers Association) Professional Stringer and restring tennis, badminton, squash and racketball rackets. A fast, reliable restringing service for all racket types . . . and I'm pretty cheap!  Read customer reviewss.

How to get your racket restrung

UKRSA (UK Racket Stringers Association) Professional Stringer

So you've broken a string and need your racket done asap. Here is some general information.
I use an electronic machine (Babolat) . . . so you can always be sure of accurate string tension.
I have a wide range of strings types available . . . but are happy to help you make a decision about what might be best for your game.
That applies to tension as well . . . if you're not sure whether to have a high tension or a low tension, I can advise you.

Here is a rough idea of what it will cost you:
Tennis - around £14 or £16;
Squash - around £14 or £18
Badminton - £13 or £15; 
Racketball - £14 or £16

I can also re-grip your racket for you. Replacement grips vary in price . . . but they are not expensive (from £2 to £5.50), and an overgrip is just £1.50 (see what grips we have here).

Drop your racket off
This is what most people do. Drop your racket (or rackets) off during the day and collect it at your convenience once it's done. Normally, your racket will be ready for collection the following day. 

While-you-wait restringing
I can do a restring while you wait sometimes (depending on workload). There is a small extra charge (£5) for this (I have to stop what I'm doing and you get pushed up the list ... bit like going private). How long does it take? Some rackets take longer than others (badminton, for example, often need grommets replacing and can take about 45 mins). There's a retail park nearby, or you can sit and watch me perform miracles on your racket . . . it's up to you. If you want a while-you-wait restring, you need to contact me and arrange a time (07855 107578).

Sending your racket to me
Many people send me rackets for restringing. Obviously this bumps up the cost, but I am pretty good at it and some people think it's worth it! If you choose this option, simply select the string type you want and the tension, fill in the details and put the racket in the post. When it's done I'll send you my bank details, you do a bank transfer and I send it back to you. The return postage via Parcelforce is £6.

Got your own string? If you already have a set of string that you want me to use, the cost is £10.

Damaged rackets
Racket Stringing Services is part of TITAN Sports. We have a wide range of tennis, squash, badminton and racketball rackets. We also offer a demo service where you can take rackets away to try before you buy. We also offer discounts to visitors to our shop.

Squash coaching
In additing to racket stringing I am a qualified squash coach and coach individuals/groups (all levels of ability) in the Stafford area. Contact me if you are interested.

Racket restringing
My Babolat stringing machine in the TITAN shop.

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